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      Company Profile
      Zibo Xinsu Chemical Co. Ltd. once is subordinated to Qilu Branch, Sinopec. restructuring to a private jointstock enterprise in 2005 . We are a professional manufacturer of polyethylene catalysts in China who can produce 4 series and 6 varieties of catalysts---- Ti-Mg Powder Catalysts, Ti-Mg Slurry Catalysts, Powder Chrome Catalysts and Metallocene [more]
      Enterprise Capability
      Polyethylene catalyst has four series of six varieties, production capacity of 1050 tons / year.
      Enterprise Capability
      • Telephone:+86-0533-7523811 (Sales Department)
      • Telephone:+86-0533-7525691 (Purchase Department)
      • Fax:+86-0533-7580814 (Office)
      • Mailbox:info@xinsuchem.com
      • Address:No. 5, Fengbei Road, Zhangdian District, Zibo City, Shandong Province
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